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Flood Insurance

Flood insurance in the state of Virginia is one of the most essential coverages available for property owners. Our expert staff at Star City Insurance offers a variety of coverage options designed to fit a flood insurance policy to your needs. Flood insurance is sometimes overlooked when deciding on insurance packages, but this coverage can mean the difference between being prepared to recover from flood damages and being caught off guard.

Let’s take a look at our flood insurance options and why you should get covered.

Flood Insurance May be Required

Depending on the terms of your mortgage, lease, or other lending agreements, flood insurance might be a requirement. You should check with your lenders and our experts to see if flood insurance will be a requirement for the terms of your loan.

Who Should Get Flood Insurance in Virginia?

  • Flood insurance is vital for individuals living in known floodplains, but they aren’t the only ones who need it. If you live in a known floodplain, flood insurance should be a definite part of your overall coverage. For individuals not in known floodplains, it’s just as important. Often, it is people without insurance that are most at risk of being financially hit with unexpected damages. Even if you are outside of a floodplain, there are still flood risks that can devastate your property and can be protected against with insurance.
  • Flood insurance helps ensure the long-term value of your property and ensure you don’t lose value to natural disasters. Your property is an investment for the future and protecting against the damages caused by an unexpected flood is the best way to keep your investment healthy.

Our staff here at Star City Insurance can help you figure out just exactly what kind of coverage is best for your needs. Just stop in or give us a call today!